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Monday, September 1, 2014

Beat the Heat Blog Hop and Giveaway

Hot Hot Hot!!!

That is what it is in Houston. I know that most people look to dive into a pool when the heat gets too much but not me. I choose to grab a cowboy and go to town, dining on fun and adventure.

But shhh don't tell my husband I'm talking about him.

It is that sexy Huntsville Accent of his. When we cross the Harris County/Montgomery County line it is like a switch turns on and out comes my sexy cowboy that I married.

Its fun to enjoy the summer when you have a good partner to keep things 'hot' at home.

Thank God for working A/Cs right?

Haha. But seriously - what I loved about this summer was the exciting fun the hubby and I had discovering ourselves together again. There is nothing sexier than learning that after ten years together you can still discover new things.

So this summer I Beat The Heat by creating my own.


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