All About Me

I see you have stumbled onto my page ... Exciting

You might wonder what you will find ... Frightening

All of your questions will be answered ... Enlightening

Sex, fun, adventure and desires lurking around the pages ... Titillating

My friends call me Niki and I'm here to make your toes curl

Things I like

Niki's Top Ten

Long nights in winter, with a fire

Long days in the summer, at the beach, in a pool

A hot steamy book

A hot steamy man

Sand between your toes, while making out on the beach

A cool breeze across your skin, while laying outside in the grass

A good song playing in the background while singing at the top of your lungs

A lingering kiss, one that you don't want to end

Rough hands across your skin, real men have scars

Whispers at night, to drift off to sleep by