All About Me

I see you have stumbled onto my page ... Exciting

You might wonder what you will find ... Frightening

All of your questions will be answered ... Enlightening

Sex, fun, adventure and desires lurking around the pages ... Titillating

My friends call me Niki and I'm here to make your toes curl

Niki's Book Boyfriend

Do you have that special someone who makes your body ache and quiver? Who can make your inner lips wet with just a stare, glance or passing thought?

Mine is Tanerk Raka. The way his persona rolls off him will make any woman with a beating heart melt. He is powerful, demanding, sexual and fierce. What more can you ask for?

My obsession with The King of Evil, Tanerk, started shortly after his creator made him, long before the book made it's debut in April 2013.

To find more out about Tanerk Raka pick up Blood Myth and prepare to be amazed.

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