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Monday, September 2, 2013

My first three stories...

I thought I would write about my short stories I am working on for the Art of Safkhet's Temptation Tuesday monthly series.

I really had a lot of fun stepping into the world of Erotic Romance. I never thought I would actually write something so sensual that people email me and tell me they could feel each of the characters pleasure.

That has encouraged me to branch out and add a little bit of spice into an idea I had one night.

So now I am working on, Special Assignment - a mystery with  a touch of erotica. So far, 9,000 words, 3 chapters in, I really like where this is headed.

I just finished working on the cover and the blurb and now have to wait until it's time to reveal it. I want to jump up and down and say, look at me, I have a new cover... but I'm holding off just now. The timing has to be just right, ya know?

So stay tuned ... I will post tid-bits and teasers about Jake and Charlie (no, not  two dudes, it's the girls name, you will have to read and see why.)

Thank you for stopping by and have a sexy day.

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