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Monday, September 30, 2013

Souls Around The World Blog Hop - Tantalizing Giveaway

There are many things that go Bump In The Night - not just those of the paranormal aspect. There are men, beasts of  humans, who run terror throughout the world. Those are the ones you have to be scared about too.

Then you have these other, creatures of the night, that are less known ... less, understood. Those are the ones who your parents tell you to stay away form, the souls who can't be helped. 

They are who I want to write about. The ones who will do things to you that will make your toes curl and your body explode with the ideas of pleasure they provide.

Welcome to my tantalizing world, where I will give you mystery and fantasy, all rolled into one....

 Here is an excerpt from Special Assignment

His hand came to my head and he ran his fingers through my hair, then with a light force he pushed down on my head. Slipping off of his lap with a graceful slide I position myself on my knees and lower my mouth to his dick. Letting my tongue dart out, I swirled it around the head, then further down. Until he was fully covered by my mouth. Up and down I worked his cock over, with his hand on my head guiding the speed. The taste of cherry filled my mouth as I quickened my speed. I felt his hands move to my back and his nails dig into my skin while my mouth worked him over.

Relaxing my jaw I took him deeper as I started to let out a small hum, sending vibrations through his shaft and down to his balls. Cupping them and lightly rolling them around in my hand, giving them a firm squeeze, relishing in the sound he made of approval.

With a break in the suction I moved my face off of his length and looked up at him. His eyes appeared glazed over. Smiling, I started to stand, making sure my chest ran over his body on my way up. My hand went to my folds and opened them while I positioned myself over his cock. Sliding down slowly, allowing myself to expand for him. The feel of a man inside me always drove me wild.  Arching my chest and leaning back slightly, I move his hands to my tits and moan when he squeezes them.

Increasing the speed of my movements I start to feel tears forming at the back of my eyes. I worked my g-spot over with his cock harder and harder. He could tell I was getting close. I started to smack my ass, I could feel the welps starting to form.


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  1. A little too erotic for me, but well written and I am sure those who like Erotica love your work, I am number 37 and tried my hand at a bit scary...HAPPY HOPPING !

  2. I'm a new follower. I follow via bloglovin with the user name jessi2247. Thanks for the giveaway :)